About Principle

When Mr. Karandeep Singh Graduated from Oxford University, the United Kingdom, armed with a Masters with First Class Honours in Audio Production, little did he know that he would be using his creative prowess laced with business acumen to steer forward the ship of education in India. Driven by a firm belief to transform the educational set-up to make it more sustainable and aligned with the need of the hour, he initiated many future-ready projects in top-ranking schools of the country. To give a further thrust to his goals, he obtained CELTA from Cambridge University and Bachelors in Education from University of Phoenix, post which he has been conducting Cambridge teacher training workshops across the country.
A firm believer in building a sustainable future, Mr. Singh has written pragmatic research papers, highlighting the need for a progressive and student-centric educational approach and the importance of making our students environment conscious. For his continuous work in this field, he has been awarded the Honorary Diploma by the University of North Carolina, United States, for his contribution in developing Global Education Parameters. For his ongoing research in the field of special education needs, Mr. Singh has recently completed Post Graduate medical education in the field of Addictive behaviors and Autism from Harvard Medical School.

All these achievements and elements have never taken him away from his primal love for teaching and his vision to create a permanent inter-disciplinary link between classroom education and nature-based learning. This prophetic vision has become more actualized within the education fraternity looking at the coming future.
Bringing into fruition the concept of the interdisciplinary approach, Mr. Karandeep has designed the very popular ‘Forest Education’ curriculum, which is very meticulously in sync with the ongoing lessons in the classroom.

Recent Awards:

Awarded the Best Principal Performance award for the year 2019-20 by the National achiever’s recognition forum under the P.A.F. foundation.
Awarded Principal of the Year by the E.E.A: Education Excellence Awards 2020
Under my Leadership, the school awarded with the best future-ready school of India 2019-20 by the EDTech Review foundation.
Awarded the HEP 2020 Award: Highly Effective Principal for the year 2019 by AKS Education Awards.
He would like to share one of his favorite quotes from Nelson Mandela that has a permanent imprint on his conscious and drive for life:
“There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that’s less than the one you’re capable of living.”