DPS Jafferguda

Why DPS-Jafferguda?

DPS-Jafferguda envisions every student’s future individually and fosters their overall development at every stage of their crucial learning age. We stand strong with our vision of helping them identify their ‘inner core’ and encourage ‘societal contribution’ as individuals living in a physically growing world. Our spaces have been defined and crafted carefully with interactive learning zones and technology integrated learning spaces accordingly to achieve these goals through our learning models.

There is learning embedded in every space at DPS-Jafferguda with distinctive learning zones contributing both actively and passively to every student’s growth. Students here are given equal opportunities of learning not just academically, but involving in arts, physical education and other life skills and not just restricted to core sciences, economics or mathematics.

• Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality labs
• Library
• Half Olympic-sized swimming pool
• Grass pitches for football and cricket
• Running track (200 meters)
• Courts for Squash, Tennis and Basketball
• Practice areas for martial arts, rock climbing, skating rink, music studio and dance studio
• Cafeteria (of 15000 sft) with nutritious meals for all with a teacher monitoring each table
• Initiatives for energy conservation by using LED lighting, controlled use of air-conditioning in classrooms, solar-powered water heaters, efficient waste
management, water conservation etc.
• AI powered tools:
• Student’s safety is optimized by live-tracking of each student boarded on the bus, and accessing bus routing online through an app
• Attendance of students, teachers, and other staff will be done through facial recognition, tools to scan any suspicious movements in an usually-
empty hallway, and restrict entry with motion sensory
• Virtual Learning:

Using a web-based platform, students and parents will have access to the study courses, assignments, recordings of classes etc

DPS Entrance