Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the fee structure?

We at DPS-Jafferguda endeavour to provide world class education with the utmost technological advancements to all the students. Keeping this vision in mind, our Fee structure has been created in a manner that each child and parent wanting to get the best quality education with world class facilities can afford it. We offer the highest quality equational experience available in India at a Fee structure which is much lower than the average international schools within these demographics. The objective for us is to make sure that each student gets the opportunity to become world class citizens with an affordable fee system.

2) Is there a bus or transportation service?

Yes, DPS-Jafferguda International School owns its own buses and the bus services are provided to students at a very reasonable cost. We carefully screen drivers and equip buses with all the latest safety equipment, such as rear-view cameras, speed governors, CCTV cameras for tracking, and lady attendants. We have an extensive security system and student tracking system to ensure maximum coverage to each and every child. Our buses have a live tracking ERP system, each student and parent is given the most advanced identity card. This adds another layer to our already deep-rooted security apparatus. We have created a transport fleet by conducting extensive research to understand the most evident challenges faced by schools in transport. We have been able to successfully launch our buses with a full proof security check system and quality profiles of people involved.

3) What is your curriculum?

At DPS-Jafferguda International School we offer a bespoke curriculum designed by the leaders in the education sector – The Hearth Advisors. Our curriculum reflects meticulously planned eclectic blend of CBSE and International Curriculmn. Our Curriculum development is completely unique from the fact that it has been custom designed to cover and cater to all aspects of modern educational pedagogy. We have visualised the needs of the future in terms of creating successful future leaders. We have realised the need of the hour in terms of creating the perfect balance between academic excellence and personality development. We envisioned a system where all the faculties of a student were challenged and developed: looking at the holistic development. Our students would hold the strongest subject expertise and at the same time nature based practical learning, sports excellence and communication prowess. The student will learn the same concept in theory, apply it practically outdoors and visualise it creatively in arts. Being a school that promotes Trans-Disciplinary approach, our students get the best out of each subject, in terms of quality, practicality, depth, analytical thinking and inquiry based learning. We have truly pioneered the future: we are ‘truely International’.

4) Is there a deadline in applying for admissions?

Yes, as we are constantly receiving applications for admission and we wish to create quality control in our school, but at the same time, we wish to give each student a chance to join our prestigious school. Keeping in mind the Covid challenges for parents, we have relaxed our deadline for admissions just for this year till the month of December.

5) Is there an admissions test or a screening process?

At DPS-Jafferguda International School, we meet with the family of every prospective student to ensure that they are guided well in making their decision of joining the school. There is a diagnostic admission test for each grade, followed by an interactive session with the parents to make sure they are aligned with our mission and vision. We hold an extensive screening process to make sure that we maintain our quality standards and at the same time give a perfect and fair chance to each student to showcase their best to be considered for our school.

6) Where do your teachers come from?

Our diverse faculty consists of teachers from around the world, with extensive domain knowledge. We strive for quality excellence ,therefore, all our faculty members are international curriculum and National Curriculum trained. Our teachers carry an array of international teaching experience, thus giving them much needed diversity within the educational ecosystem of our school.

7) How will my non-English speaking child manage in the school? Is there support given for ESL/EAL?

We have a dedicated Language department, with special emphasis on English Language proficiency and communication. We bring in experts for our ESL ( English as a second language department) to make sure that students get the perfect foundation for English Language acquisition. Our English Lab goes in sync with the International Curriculmn  training modules to support students completely in Grammar, communicative English, writing and reading. We provide additional language help to children who require extra support during the school day. Through a combination of in-class learning and EAL specialised support, we ensure that every student at DPS-Jafferguda International School excels in all the spheres to become an independent thinker and learner.

8) Is there a guidance counsellor and nurse on campus?

We have a dedicated infirmary within the school campus with a separate infrastructure for male students and a dedicated medical infrastructure for our female students. We are equipped with all the Morden medical amities and qualified medical staff.We have guidance counsellors for each grade along with SEN ( special education needs) counsellors. Our counsellors are trained to understand the psychological needs of each and every school child. We aim to create a very transparent and positive ethos within the school campus, where students can openly approach our counsellors for any challenges and issues that they may be facing. The objective behind this endeavour comes from the vision that when the students have a peaceful mind, their learning experiences would yield perfect results and outcomes.

9) How does DPS-Jafferguda aid use technology to aid learning?

DPS-Jafferguda is a pioneer in EDTECH education. We are a technology school. All our classrooms are fitted with AI enabled smart boards that take the learning experience to the next level. Our smart boards can record lessons, create interactive story-boards, digital illustrations, mind-maps, visual graphs. We have created the perfect balance where the best practices and outcomes from the Ed-tech world are optimised fully to create a fully immersive learning experience for our students.

10) Are there any provisions for online teaching?

We have a completely digitised time table. Specific softwares are used for each and every subject in order to optimise the learning outcome of every class. Keeping in mind the need of the hour for a Blended learning environment, we have pioneered our own Digital learning policy that uses different apps for different subjects to make sure that the students get the best of learning outcomes while interacting with our teachers online. Our teachers have extensive training in online subject optimization to sustain the quality of online teaching and learning.


How will my non-English speaking child manage in the school? Is there support given for ESL/EAL?
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