Our Philosophy

Our Mission

In Our Quest To Achieve Our Vision, We Shall Provide:

  • Exciting and safe learning environments
  • Technology education inclusive of AI and Machine learning
  • Opportunities for deep learning, creativity, innovation, and help design thinking
  • Experiences to value Indian culture, ethos, and values
  • Learning situations to grow into independent and decisive leaders

Our Vision

Empowering our students with deep learning, imagination, creativity, innovation, and adaptive skills to make them life-long learners and succeed at all times is our vision.

Core Values

DPS Society believes in Service Before Self and nurtures students in a value-based system that is deep-rooted with traditional significance and connected to the environment we live in. Both ‘Service’ and ‘Self’ are two different ways of life. DPS-Jafferguda strives to adapt and sustain with the young minds and remains to be in constant recognition of the same as a practice.

Our profound value system continuously strives to imbibe the values of Service Before Self in every student, making it a way of life:

International Approach Through Traditional Learning

We ensure unbiased importance to traditional learning with a global outlook. Our curriculum teaches our students the way of the modern world, yet the foundation will remain to be Indian value-based and with traditional learning.

Respect, Empathy, Acceptance Of All Communities

Our students shall master adaptive skills, learning, creativity, and innovation to be able to meet future challenges that may come uninformed and uninvited.

Our students shall have the ability to build a vision and provide direction to any mission that they choose to pursue.

Academic & Holistic Excellence

Making peace with nature and surroundings and learning every day through its maintenance and improving quality.

Living In Harmony With Nature

Respecting elders, empathizing with fellow mates, encouraging the weaker, learning from the stronger, and accepting of all communities around us.