Athletics and Activities

DPS-Jafferguda provides an extensive number of activities that support our academic program. Our aim is to teach our students to work with others and to challenge themselves.

Multi-purpose Hall

The multipurpose hall (sized 50,000 Sqft) will be able to accommodate a large number of people for many events such as exhibitions, meetings, examinations, the book club, musical events, drama events, and many indoor sports such as Yoga, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Futsal and other indoor board games Chess, Carrom, etc.


Basketball is undoubtedly one of the most popular games. It helps build endurance, improve balance, develop concentration, and also help the student understand how to work in a team.

Swimming Pool

In DPS-Jafferguda, swimming is conducted by trained coaches and is always under the supervision for the safety of each and every student.

Climbing Wall

Increases Strength, Endurance, and Flexibility. Teaches Hand, Feet, and Eye Coordination. Increases Problem Solving, Planning, and Decision Making Abilities. Develops Communication and Listening Skills.


Improves heart health. Squash has many aspects which help to improve your cardiovascular health, including running, jumping and diving .Improves hand eye coordination.


Football allows the player to perform well under pressure, hence building composure; to accept defeat and build mental strength; deal with unnecessary aggression from the opponents and build will-power; and most importantly to persevere.


A sport that can be enjoyed by students of all ages, it can be played both indoor and outdoor.

Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport in India. It is an easy and fun sport with many benefits!

Computer Lab

We are equipped with modern computing facilities for students and faculty. The goal is to enlarge the student’s knowledge and perspectives through technology-based learning solutions, multimedia experience, and e-resources.


The libraries provide access to a wide range of information and also hosts many e-journals and e-books. The libraries comprise of encyclopedias, dictionaries on various subjects, source books, critical books, etc.