Pre Primary Curriculum

Our Philosophy

As pre-primary is a crucial stage in a child’s life, we have very thoughtfully aligned our curriculum with the CBSE guidelines for our pre-primary students, which enables our young children to develop their curiosity, interests, creativity and independence. Our curriculum is thus devised to promote a comprehensive learning environment which will encourage broadening of horizons and manifestation of strengths and capabilities.

DPS Jafferguda’s curriculum is divided into age appropriate monthly themes. The integrated and interdisciplinary learning system, along with engaging and hands-on activities, ensures that all our children are successful learners. The methodology ensures that learning is thought provoking and empowering since it is based on the latest theories, brain research and best practices in education.

The curriculum is designed to span two years, ages four to six. The majority of the content is universal across both years for two reasons: developing continuity and cohesion in the practices and principles, and recognizing the wide range of abilities children can have in these two years.

The following characteristics are integral throughout the curriculum, including the guides, learning objectives, Lesson Ideas, and resources:

Respect for the individual

At DPS Jafferguda, teachers are continually reminded and encouraged to spend time getting to know each child, understanding their needs and abilities, respecting the variation caused by different learning and social abilities, and adapting the level of work and means of communication to the individual child.


The curriculum is founded on principles of diversity that welcomes all children. It is understood that each child is unique and is not expected to fit a standard for social interactions, and classes are tailored accordingly.

Family involvement

Families are occasionally invited to be a part of the class discussions, to contribute through their experiences and knowledge, and to learn with the children. The curriculum is also designed to be adapted in a manner wherein, in consultation with children’s families, it incorporates knowledge and knowledge systems that are relevant and meaningful to the children and their families.



At DPS Jafferguda, children are encouraged to as questions and their reasoning is developed through their work. This enhances their sense of ownership and their criticality.

Inquiry based learning approach

Children naturally ask questions and this curriculum actively fosters this tendency.
Lessons are built around the teacher asking the children some initial and guiding questions and allowing the discussion, research, and activities to be led by the questions children ask. Instead of solely providing information directly, the Lesson Ideas encourage teachers to prompt the children with questions, to discuss what they think as a class and then to use books and websites to find answers and develop the child’s research skills

Social Skills

This curriculum explicitly educates children with a sense of responsibility to others and an appreciation of what others do for them, including their family, their classmates, the wider school community, and others in the city.